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  • Tribrach And Adapter With Optical Plummet Surveying Tribrach

    Tribrach At Adapter na May Optical Plummet Surveying Tribrach

    Detalye Mga Detalye ng Produksyon Item NEW YELLOW TRBRACH & ADAPTER W/ OPTICAL PLUMMET FITS PRISM Kulay: Dilaw Brand new tribrach at tribrach adapter na may optical plummet na akma sa lahat ng So/kkia /South/ Nikon /Pentax at Top con total station prism set.adapter optical range 0.5m – 15m 3.5x magnification Naglalaman ng: Tribrach *1PCS(walang optical plummet) Adapter *1PCS(na may optical plummet) OEM/ODM Support Loading Port Shenzhen Port,HONG KONG PORT Packing Inner Packing:OPP+bubble...